Western Fence Lizard

Not exclusive to fences, I’ve noticed a pair of western fence lizards hanging out on the sunny wall around my thornless blackberry plants. They seem to be enjoying life quite a lot, making note of when I water my plants! It’s their mating season now, though I don’t know if they’re a mating pair. In their position, I couldn’t see if one is a male (per their blue bellies) – next time!

I love having lizards in my garden and hopefully they are helping themselves to a few pesky grasshoppers I’ve seen munching on some leaves. I think these beneficial creatures are rather beautiful!


RIP: Southern Alligator Lizard :(

It is with a heavy heart that I report the death of one of my regular garden visitors, a southern alligator lizard (aka Elgaria multicarinata and previously known as Gerrhonotus multicarinatus). I had only photographed it in April. It looks like it died about one week ago. I enjoyed watching it scurrying around my backyard garden. But I found it most often in a specific container, atop some soft soil, enjoying itself. That is where, sadly, it spent its last moments. Here is a photo from April.

In an odd way, it felt strangely comforting that of all places, it “chose” to die in that same container – maudlin anthropomorphism, naysayers may chime, but it seemed as though the container was its regular place in its small world.

No doubt, this lizard helped to play an important role in ridding my backyard garden of non-beneficial insects. In tribute for its contribution to my backyard garden and to give thanks, I will find an appropriate burial spot in my backyard. I always change the soil in that container every year so that won’t be a practical burial spot for it. I will find a spot near a nice rock, where the sunlight is ample.

I wish you peace, southern alligator lizard.

Southern Alligator Lizard

I spotted this lizard (aka Elgaria multicarinata and previously known as Gerrhonotus multicarinatusin one of my garden containers this afternoon. It is commonly found in gardens in my area. The dark crossbands are particularly striking.

It must be taking a break in between meals of insects and other creatures!

More information about this beautiful lizard can be found here: http://www.sdnhm.org/fieldguide/herps/elga-mul.html

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