Rescued Thornless Raspberry Plant, Fruiting

While one of my rescued thornless raspberry plants seems to have stopped fruiting for the season, one of the other two plants is now fruiting, which is a happy surprise! These rescue plants were not in the best shape when I found them in the clearance bin (with a few dead canes and leaves), so I tempered my expectations that they would start fruiting perhaps in the next season.IMG_3366

After about six weeks convalescing in its new home, it seems to found its vigor and well on its way to producing perhaps a modest quantity of fruit (if the birds don’t get to them first). It is enjoying the full sun of my garden. The third plant I am keeping an eye on. It is producing new leaves (all three are producing new leaves), which is encouraging. I would be very pleased if it, too, produced fruit before the season is done, especially since I’ve sampled the fruit from the first plant, and they’re very sweet and delicious. A great way to start the week!


Rescued: Angel Face Roses and Thornless Raspberry Bushes

My local home improvement store has a gardening center with an outstanding clearance section, with plants of all sorts at amazing discounted prices. Their inventory of clearance plants has recently increased so, in the foreseeable future, I will be visiting at least once a week. Yesterday, I was very fortunate to have made my weekly visit and came away with 4 Angel Face rose plants, a floribunda that I’ve wanted for my home for the past several years, but finally got around to doing something about.IMG_3354IMG_3355
I also am the caregiver of 3 thornless raspberry bushes. I love to make homemade raspberry jam and now I have a wonderful resource to do it! The plants were all in reasonably good condition, although I will have to do some light pruning of a small bit of dead vegetation. Easy. One of the raspberry bushes has some young fruits on it – very encouraging!

I replanted them in larger containers (saved from years of gardening projects) and will be looking forward to many happy years with these wonderful new plants. What is seen as refuse by the store (and most people) represents a great opportunity to bring new (sometimes unexpected) plants into the garden, for a modest price. These plants have already uplifted the energy of my entire garden!

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