Aunt Ruby’s German Green Tomatoes

You’d think I’d never grown tomatoes before, but I’m so excited when a tomato plant is fruiting! I ran out of raised row and container space (first world problem) so I planted one Aunt Ruby’s German tomato seed in the ground. It must love this location because the plant has grown tall and wide and is covered in tomatoes. Wow! This makes me want to plant a third of these and other tomato seeds in raised rows, a third in containers, and a third in the ground next year. Best laid plants!

The tomatoes are in various stages of maturity, but the one pictured may be ready to pick in no more than two weeks. This beautiful heirloom tomato looks mighty fine and, I’m sure, will be very, very delicious!img_3374

CONSUMER ALERT UPDATE: The non-fruit parts of tomato plants are poisonous if ingested. More information on toxic plants can be found here:


Tomato Container Garden: Seeds Planted!

I bought three 2-cubic foot bags of potting soil this afternoon. In the past, I filled six 5-gallon containers per bag, with each contaiimg_1518ner filled near the rim. Today, I decided to take a chance, driven by my fondness for thriftiness. Filling the containers about 2/3 full, I was able to fill seven 5-gallon containers per bag. As you can see in the photo, I filled up an astounding twenty-one 5-gallon containers! Wow! And, I decided that they all be filled with tomato seeds! I will have a tomato-packed summer, nature willing.

I labelled each container with the tomato variety planted: Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Black Krim, Green Zebra, and Rainbow Blend Cherry Tomatoes.  The containers are movable, so as the plants become more lush, I can move them around to accommodate. Pictured also are my apple and pear tree saplings.

I planted bush bean, green bell pepper, and snow pea seeds in the containers next to my kitchen. It was a great spring afternoon!

CONSUMER ALERT UPDATE: The non-fruit parts of tomato plants are poisonous if ingested. The seeds from apples and pears are highly toxic if ingested.  More information on toxic plants can be found here:

Tomato Seed Shopping Spree!

I know it’s probably quite early, but I threw caution to the wind and purchased several packets of tomato seeds today, for next year’s tomato container garden.  Inspired by the miraculous emergence of tomatoes in my container garden in the winter (see the previous post), I purchased the following varieties of seeds: (1) Black Krim, organic, heirloom – five packets, (2) Green Zebra, heirloom – five packets, (3) Aunt Ruby’s German Green – organic, heirloom – three packets, and (4) Rainbow Blend cherry tomatoes – two packets.

I am a very big fan of Black Krim tomatoes – incredibly flavorful and the plants produce  a generous crop. Green Zebra tomatoes are delicious and are less acidic – their gorgeous green striations, contrasted with the mostly yellow-green, make this a truly beautiful and tasty variety! Aunt Ruby’s German Green tomatoes will be new for me so I’ll report on them when they fruit. The Rainbow Blend cherry tomatoes – wow, it really just takes no more than one or two plants to supply you with all of the cherry tomatoes you can handle, and share with others! So incredibly juicy and a reliable producer – I love them!

Today’s seeds will more than meet my tomato needs when Spring rolls around – a summer of oh-so- juicy tomato goodness!

CONSUMER ALERT UPDATE: The non-fruit parts of tomato plants are poisonous if ingested. More information on toxic plants can be found here:

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