African Iris, Stolen from My Yard!

Apologies, but I must rant: This theft must have happened between yesterday evening, after I watered my plants and this evening. I came home today to find that one of my much-loved African iris plants was stolen from my yard, taken whole, with only one torn leaf left behind.

I have a tree bark lawn right in front of my African iris plants. That tree bark still has an imprint of what looks to be a big boot with a thick heel, so my guess that the thief, who also committed criminal trespass, was a scummy man or a scummy woman who does not know how to dress him- or herself in proper foot attire.  My backyard is locked so crimes were definitely committed on my property (and I am a strong supporter of property rights).

One awful possibility: the electric company was scheduled to read my meter today. The gate lock was locked, so I hope it was not the electric meter reader. Only the electric company and I have a key to that lock – they’re the ones that gave me the lock. To read my meter and then possibly take my plant as a parting gift – I hope that is not the case!

If I were to find out the identity of said scummy person, I would definitely have them hauled away to jail and have their names and photos published in our local papers, on- and off-line. Shame used to deter people from engaging in loser behavior like this, but I guess being a loser is now a badge of honor for people of this ilk. Shame may not work to deter crime, but losing their freedom might. I will be reporting this to the police.

I understand that we are in economic hard times, but really, who breaks into someone’s backyard and take a young African iris plant? If asked, I would be happy to part with some plants, but to steal? Have they also looked into my neighbors’ yards as well?

Years ago, at my previous office, we were having some landscaping done and new, expensive young palm trees were planted. Over the weekend, there was a report that someone in a white pickup truck dug up those trees and drove away.

So, please, people: I understand that we all love plants. But to that very tiny group of people who love to steal plants, and you know who you are, exercise some impulse control and show some decency and respect the people around you (as well as the law). Nobody appreciates your illegal activity. Nobody.

Rant complete.


2 Responses

  1. I am so sorry. I hope it wasn’t the electric company man/woman either. I agree with you to report it…I know people actually stop in front of my Moms house, where she has a huge old avacado tree, and they strip her tree of the lowest avacados!!! That is a CRIME!!!!!

    • It most certainly is a crime! So sorry to hear about people taking your mom’s avocados. If permission is not requested and then given, it is certainly stealing. Awful!

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