Christmas Kalanchoe: Trio of Loveliness!

In one container, I have three Christmas kalanchoe in bloom: white and red, in the typical four-petal form, and the multi-petaled lighter red one (the blurry ones on the right), with layers of petals.img_1511 Regarding the multi-petalled ones, when I got them from the store, each of the flowers looked like they were very tightly closed up, but then they eventually opened to reveal their many lovely petals.

The “original occupant” of this container was the red one (which grew into many red ones!)  in the center. The other two were from cuttings that I propagated in that container. Together, they create a simple,  very beautiful kalanchoe garden in a modest container. So sweet and easy to make. Welcome spring!


3 Responses

  1. Looks like we are on the same wavelength with our kalenchoe!!! Pretty!

  2. Your kalanchoe is beautiful. I recently was given one by a coworker. He had three that he keeps under the floresence light at the job, but I am hearing shade, so what is best for this type of plant…his plants are doing well. I presently keep mine inside at work under the light. I have not seen flowers on his plants though. Do I need to do something for that to happen? Help out a new owner!! Thanks

    • Dear Marcia,
      Congratulations on your new kalanchoe. Shade or light? In my situation, my kalanchoe are grown in outdoor containers and have thrived in shade as well as direct sunlight. I only water the potting soil enough to moisten the soil, not to soak the soil, once a week.

      Kalanchoes, from my experience, seem to prefer non-extreme temperatures (not too hot, not too cold), but in the beginning, I’d pay attention to the condition of the plant every week, to be sure it was thriving in the particular climate I was housing it in. The climate that makes your co-worker’s kalanchoe happy may not be what makes your kalachoe happy, and vice-versa. In other words, you’ll have to get to know your plant.

      If your plant is very young, it may not be ready to flower this season. The plant will flower when it is strong and mature enough, as nature intends! Kalanchoe blossfeldiana or Christmas kalanchoe, the ones that I have, and the one I assume you have, often bloom from fall to early spring, but the plant is very much alive year-round. (NOTE: There are other varieties of kalanchoe). My own kalanchoe only started to flower just this month, at the tail end of winter and not all flowers have opened yet, so my particular plants may be blooming through the middle of spring.

      When I bought mine from the 99 Cents Only Store, they were small indoor plants. They stopped flowering but the leaves kept growing, very healthy. This was the situation for a few years, but I don’t know why – perhaps the “shock” from going outdoors, but I don’t know definitively. But they all eventually flowered again (patience!).

      Hope this helps, thank you for visiting my blog, and I wish you great success with your new kalanchoe!

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